Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Battle App - Taking a single person's button pressing reaction and using it to it's fullest

The Battle App (Warrior Widget)- an App that allows a single person to 'personally' contact multiple sources based on stepped agreement with the principles of the cause /fight that they want to add their voice to. 

Not only contact multiple sources but do any of the many things a single human can do in order to use the internet and multimedia to its fullest extent.

Some of what's needed for a battle app

All the research regarding the particular battle / cause including any and all references webwide 

Up to date DB's on any and all subjects including media names and addresses WW and all categories etc.

The names or contact points of all the people who have put their names towards the cause or battle - and, if possible, the known 'names' agreement to put themselves forwards as belief models that the user can easily click on in order to choose a reaction set or cause group to choose from (this also works with friends in FB etc)

The end user agreement allows the App / company / cause to do certain things based on the initial 'yes'. This could be emailing all the relevant journals on a steady basis - not flaming - in line with the planned pattern of the fight / battle / cause - if the fight is still going on the App does not see its job as finished.
It could create one website or many and ship mirror images of the fight material into these accounts - maintenance built in and updating automatically - these could be sites on donor machines, or using standard mass market offerings like Google or Live or any of the many others on offer.

Coordinate the use of all the App users in a way that allows for power moves using massed attacks that shine through the normal every day fights because instead of a group of people actually having to all jump together it now means that these people have already chosen to say 'fight this fight' which allows for a bulk attack by these real people whenever its needed with a guaranteed  - in the case of the FB site 703,000 plus people could be coordinated in this way so that the punch is empowered, multiplied x fold. (The above FB group was at 715,000 plus two week ago and has lost a large number of people in a short time because the group is static. 

The Battle App is a proxy acting on these single individuals behalf at times suited to the battle organisers or objectives needs rather than the calenders of three quarters of a million people or more having to coincide.

Automatic comments from all 700k can be fed into Twitter and FB and any and all of the other social sites - talking of which multiple accounts on any and all of these can be set up on the individual's say so and  can be used to bulk out the voice of the people so that it becomes VERY evident from the number of shows in searching. (Imagine 700k new web pages including all the details of the wrongs that need righting regarding whichever cause it is aimed at - plus another 700k emails to hundreds of different movers and shakers sites - plus all the people from top to bottom in any official part of the fight - then add 700k true supporting quotes from 'names', media experts etc, spread out throughout the whole fight so there is no time when the battle cries die - 

Govt departments, country presidents, the police, even local govt officials, doctors, The water Board, Big Companies, whoever is part of the opposition or the aim of the fight can be targeted by people who believe in the fight. And The Battle App keeps the fight going. 

If you believe 

Become a digital crusader 

Get The Battle App - Warrior Widget

Choose your fight and press the button

Does this count as a copyright? Copyright Mark Aldiss Feb 27th 2010 

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