Thursday, 7 August 2008


Cropredy, showing the canal.Image via WikipediaBanjaxed

That's what I feel

Wend has just left for a concert / festival thing called Cropredy, Fairport Convention's own folk festival , but before she went we were sitting in front of the view eating toast and talking about life in general.

It was then that I decided to start this bit of this blog with that word.

Imagine being a nobody who is quite happy to be what he is but he has it stuck in his head that he has to follow through with something that could help a lot of people to have more enjoyable lives ... and all that.

So, banjaxed over something that is going to be or not, i wonder out into the light of a bright new morning - been up since 7.15am. Beautiful day.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Where's the help when you need it?

Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Diabrotica undecimpun...Image by poppy2323 via Flickr Where is this mega clever kit that listens and get back to you with all the help you need... where is it?

Talk and learn?

Friends... good things.

Wouldn't be alive now if it werent for friends.

There's even a touch of family tied up in those friends.

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Is it possible to add something good to the world?

The boundary between a system and its surroundingsImage via Wikipedia'corse it is!

happens all the time!

just suppose this soon to be crash of all systems is going to happen?

I don't see it myself - man will turn back into beast in order to keep hold of family and future.

Doesn't actually matter at all what I think, this world and it's already built in ways will travel as it will.


I know what I want this kit for

my memory is getting to be seriously bad at times now

Like living though (-:

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