Thursday, 13 June 2013

Help Team Sara get back to the Capitol

Sara Kruzan - Join Forces for her Freedom FreedomFighters: If any of you are interested in donating to help Carrie & Susan from the SJK-team go KICK SOME MORE A** in is the time. Sara would *LOVE* to have a LAW created in her name. Can you imagine her being released from prison after 19 years AND having SB-327 become CALIFORNIA LAW AND somewhat at the same time?? Be a part of history. Freedom isn't free. Help chip in so we can be sure other human trafficking survivors NEVER endure what she has. This is for our friend's redemption. #ForcesForSara #MakingHistory #ChangingCaLaw #SJK ~Forces For Sara P.S. Sara will know who helps...she receives every document.

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