Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tory MP's bid to name August Bank Holiday after Margaret Thatcher

What a super fine idea! What? Oh Dharling it's Thatcher Day! Let's role out of the gates and go spot a oik! I mean let's not modify our voices or get a makeover so we are posh shall we? Just so we can be part of the establishment and not a butchers daughter from Grantham, even if we keep mentioning it on and on and on.... Actually Mags you uncaring woman, I went through some of the worst days of my life because your system didn't give a toss whether I lived or died... and that was your doing. You had a mind that cut out the understanding of vast swathes of people - you saw so many people as so much collateral damage. If they do manage to change it lets celebrate a la Nov 5 with effigies or on the lines of Halloween, witch and all. Bad idea Peter Bone

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